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Select and attach Drive files without copy/pasting URLs
April 26, 2021
Replace long Drive file URLs with our new “Drive attachments” column type, allowing you to easily select and link to Drive files.
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Call an Apps Script function using bots
April 13, 2021
We've expanded the functionality of Tables automation with the latest "Execute Apps Script function" bot action. Now you can run custom logic scripted in Apps Script to do things like: when a checkbox is checked, generate an invoice for the customer with all of the orders they made.
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Try our new Data Studio connector and build customizable reports and dashboards
April 6, 2021
Turn your Tables data into informative, easy to read, customizable dashboards and reports with our latest Data Studio connector. (Data Studio is a free tool from Google.)
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Automate actions when new comments are added
March 3, 2021
We've made it easier to collaborate with team members using comments: you can now trigger a bot when a comment is added and use comment text/date/time details in actions.
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Hide or freeze table columns + summarize row count
February 16, 2021
We've moved the "Config" button to the toolbar so you can easily hide columns in any layout (Grid, Kanban or Queue), or select from a number of new "Summary Row" options to do things like "count" the number of tasks assigned to a "Person". We've also added a "Freeze column" option in the column header menu.
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With relationship filters, now you have more control when linking data between tables
February 2, 2021
Sometimes you have a long list of data, and you only want to select from a filtered set. Our new relationship filters allow you to do things like only select projects that are still active and show the total count of tasks that have a specific status.
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Validate and format your data (date, time and person)
January 15, 2021
We’ve introduced filters and validation so you can do things like restrict dates entered in a form to the past or future and trigger a bot if the time is after working hours.
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See and manage all of your linked tables in one place with the relationship dialog
December 15, 2020
You can see and manage all of your linked tables in one place with the relationship dialog. Linking data between tables helps reduce copy/pasting – saving you time and busywork. Have a column with text? Easily convert it to a Lookup.
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Increased bot action limits (per table per month)
November 20, 2020
We heard your feedback and increased the bot actions per table per month from 50 to 500 for our free tier and 100 to 5,000 for our paid tier. Thank you for the feedback -- keep it coming!
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Check for potential issues and exceptions with relative column filters
November 5, 2020
We’ve introduced support for adding filters and bot conditions that compare one column to another. This powerful filter allows you to do things like create views to show “rows where ETA is past the deadline” and set up bots that “send a warning if InStockCount is less than WarningThreshold.”
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Validate number and text data entry
October 29, 2020
We’ve introduced column formats like decimal, integer, emails, and URLs. We’ve also added advanced validation to keep your data clean, so you can do things like restrict text entries to 280 characters (Twitter limit) and ensure your time-tracking form limits to a reasonable # of hours worked.
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Connect to other apps with the Tables API and Apps Script service
October 14, 2020
For teams who want to work with apps outside of Tables, we’ve released a public API and an Apps Script service to let you unlock your data. Now you can sync data from other apps and connect to the rest of the Google Workspace ecosystem.
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Tables launches public beta in the U.S.
September 22, 2020
We beta launched Tables, a collaborative database that lets teams track and automate work -- without any coding required. Tables is the latest product from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, and our mission is to empower people to organize and automate work.
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